Manufacturing & Packaging Products in Paterson, NJ area

Slitting and Rewinding

J.I.T. creates inserts for the bakery and confectionary industries, narrow width rolls for use as bottom boards for snack cake and candy bar products. Pre-perforated rolls are available for u-board style constructions. We provide a full line of barrier coated products for grease and moisture hold-out. Printed roll stock is available for use as product promotion or identification. Other industries served include the tag and label industries with unsupported paper and paperboard sub-straights. In addition, J.I.T. sometimes acts as a contract convertor. We deal with caliper's ranging from .003 to .045, with rolls as narrow as 3/4" in width.

Paperboard Lids

J.I.T. is a low cost full service lid supplier to the ice cream novelty and Italian ice industries. Also known as tab lids or plugs, J.I.T. manufactures all common cup size lids as well as a number of custom sizes. Materials include special ice cream grade S.B.S. and poly coated S.B.S.. Printing ranges from simple 1 color orders through 5 colors, including process work. All printing design, creation, proofs, UPC bar codes, etc.., are available. Any quantity will be accommodated. Pricing estimates are available upon request.

Folding Cartons

J.I.T. both manufactures and distributes all types of folding cartons. We can provide a variety of paperboard grades printed and plain ranging from 0.012-0.036. Printing either off-set or web flexo up to five colors. J.I.T. also offers contract services to other carton manufacturers.

Die-cut Specialties

J.I.T. specializes in small unit die-cutting of paperboard in 0.012 and higher. Our high speed rotary process allows us to print, cut, and strip in line. We excel in blanks under 50 square inches and our unique collection system allows us to package units at high speeds. Lids, u-boards, trays, and dividers are our manufacturing specialty.